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Asset Management

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Track safety assets

including location, manufacturer, model number, warranty data and inspection history.

Access asset records

via map view, list view or by scanning an asset bar/QR code using your mobile device.

Associate videos, pictures and documents

with key assets to highlight procedures associated with start-up, shut-down and safe operation.

Create public maps

to show the location of key safety assets across campus, like AED's, NARCAN, blue phones, etc.

All Platform Features

Chemical Inventory Management

Manage chemical inventory and safety data sheets

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Hazardous Waste Management

Monitor all waste streams from origination to final manifest

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Safety Inspections

Create inspection policies for any asset, lab, area or building

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Issue Logging & Remediation

Log and route safety issues for remediation

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Asset Management

Access any safety asset via map view, list view or barcode scan

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Dynamic Pre-Plans

Create and share building pre-plan documentation

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Permit Management

Create processes for reviewing and approving high risk activities

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Incident Management

Create incident reports and log investigative details

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Assign training requirements, send notifications and monitor completion via a convenient dashboard

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CampusOptics helps our institution more effectively plan for the thousands of safety related inspections and tasks that need to be performed each year, while the system's convenient reporting allows us to better forecast the staff and budget required to improve campus safety and enhance emergency preparedness.

Ali ShahEmergency Manager, San Jacinto College
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