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Who We Are

After interviewing hundreds of campus safety professionals across EH&S, Fire Safety, Facilities, Risk Management and Operations, CampusOptics launched a comprehensive EH&S and Fire & Life Safety solution, specifically designed for colleges and universities.

Campus safety is a complex, organization-wide endeavor, involving a multitude of offices, departments and third-party contractors. As each of these groups work to mitigate the risk associated with different pieces of the campus safety puzzle, they are often dependent on spreadsheets, legacy databases and paper-forms. This patchwork approach limits collaboration and transparency, while clouding the “big picture” view of campus safety.

CampusOptics provides the flexibility to address the wide array of inspections, compliance reporting, and asset & chemical inventory management practices common to educational institutions, while creating visibility into campus-wide safety issues, incidents, budget and risk that drive safety outcomes. We look forward to helping you create a safer campus!

Close to Home - A Personal Tragedy

CampusOptics’ origin stems from a tragic campus fire during which one of our founders lost three of his friends. From that point forward, it became his mission to ensure institutions have the tools they need to reduce risk and combat preventable harm. This drive eventually led to the founding of CampusOptics.

“After experiencing the devastating effects of a campus fire first hand, it is rewarding to leverage technology in order to help ensure that nobody has to go through that tragedy.”

Reed BarrettCo-founder

Meet Our Team

CampusOptics has assembled a talented team with decades of experience developing administrative solutions for educational institutions and successfully deploying those solutions across an array of stakeholders on campus. These stakeholders have ranged from administrative to academic departments and everyone else in between! We look forward to combining our experience with your desire to improve safety culture across your campus!

Joe Price

CEO and Cofounder

Joe Price co-founded and is the CEO of CampusOptics. Prior to CampusOptics, Joe co-founded and was the President and General Counsel of AcademicWorks, Inc., which provided scholarship and donor management software to over 600 colleges and universities. His other professional experiences include working at the University of Texas at Austin in its Office of Technology Commercialization, practicing law at the international law firm of Baker Botts L.L.P., where he focused on patent and business litigation, and being one of the first employees at PeopleAdmin, Inc., a software company with over 700 higher education clients. Joe holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, a JD from Baylor Law School, an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business, and is a licensed Texas attorney. When he’s not working, Joe is spending time with his family, serving on several non-profit and for-profit boards, and running, reading, and traveling when life with four kids allows it.

Joshua Cody

CTO and Cofounder

Josh is a co-founder and the CTO of CampusOptics. Josh has led product and technical teams in the higher education and patient safety space for over 10 years. Outside of work, you'll usually find him trying to keep up with his small children, or enjoying a great cup of coffee to help him keep up with his small children.

Reed Barrett


After an on-campus fire, Reed identified the need for fire safety software in higher education. He was a featured speaker at the Center for Campus Fire Safety's annual forum and remains dedicated to using technology to prevent future catastrophes on campus.

Brandon Phipps

Chief Strategy Officer

Brandon served as VP of Sales and Market Strategy for the Higher Education division at Blackbaud, a company providing software solutions to non-profits across the world. Before that, he cofounded and was the CEO of AcademicWorks.

David Welch

Vice President of Customer Success

David is the Vice President of Client Services, which includes Implementation, Client Support, and Client Success. Previously, he worked in a similar capacity as the Vice President of Client Services for AcademicWorks, where he built a team that implemented and supported 600+ colleges and universities. Prior to AcademicWorks, David was the Director of Client Services for PeopleAdmin, where he performed the same duties for over 700 institutions of higher education. Outside of work, David enjoys the art of authentic BBQ, craft beer tastings and spending quality time with his family. He is also probably the best joke teller that has ever lived.

Paul Shafer

Regional Sales Director

Paul is a Regional Sales Manager for CampusOptics and has been serving higher education for nearly 15 years. He was previously an Account Executive with CampusLogic and served in a similar role with AcademicWorks prior to that. Along with his wife, Kathleen, he is the proud parent of a 16yo son (Owen) and 14yo daughter (Malia). He loves traveling with (and without) his family and enjoys the great outdoors.

Catherine O'Neill

Lead Software Architect

Catherine is a Lead Software Engineer at CampusOptics. Previously, Catherine was a Principal Software Engineer at Blackbaud. And before that, she was a Software Engineer with AcademicWorks. When not at work, Catherine enjoys playing with her dogs, trying new restaurants, and running.

Monika Alzeerah

Services Engineer

Monika is a Services Engineer at CampusOptics. She is also a Chicago native, who has worked in EdTech since 2014. While Monika initially served clients directly through client services at other companies, including AcademicWorks, Monika transitioned to the engineering team when she joined CampusOptics. On the weekends, she enjoys spending time on the Lake Austin, traveling, and eating cheesecake.

Sean Coyle

Lead Front-End Software Engineer

Sean is a Lead Front-End Software Engineer at CampusOptics. Prior to joining CampusOptics, Sean helped grow SchoolAdmin from just under 30 customers to over 700 customers. When he’s not writing code, you can find Sean buried somewhere under his 3 dogs or tailgating at a Texas Football game.

Jonathan Fox

Customer Support Specialist

Jonathan is a Client Support Specialist at CampusOptics. Jonathan has worked at 3 different EdTech companies over the past 10 years on both the client services side as well as in sales, and also moonlights as a musician around Austin. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and making art.

Seth Morgan

Implementation Specialist

Seth is an Implementation Specialist for CampusOptics. In his previous role as a product manager, he worked with higher ed clients to understand and solve the challenges they faced in their administrative processes. When he’s not at work, you can find him out running, checking out a concert, or watching basketball (Go Spurs!).

James Buckley

Senior Software Engineer

James is a Senior Software Engineer at Campus Optics. Originally working in Quality Assurance, James transitioned into Software Engineering while working at Blackbaud. When he's away from his computer James enjoys woodworking, hiking, and watching Broadway musicals

Cammy Jagielski

Customer Support Specialist

Cammy is a Customer Success Representative at CampusOptics. She has spent over 15 years working for SaaS software companies in higher education, including roles in both client services and implementation/project management at AcademicWorks and PeopleAdmin. In her free time, Cammy enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, and has recently found a love for power tools.

Careers – Join Our Growing Team!

CampusOptics is working to make educational institutions a safe place to learn, work and live. We have a management team with decades of experience in providing administrative technology solutions to educational institutions. If you are interested in joining our fast-growing, mission-focused team, we invite you to learn more about our current career opportunities!

Client Support Specialist

We’re looking for a smart and dedicated person to join our customer service team. You’ll join the rest of the CampusOptics team in making our customers as happy as possible while we help colleges and universities with their Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) needs. As a Customer Support Specialist, you’ll provide “it was so good they couldn’t stop talking about it” customer service via email and phone for our EH&S platform. You’ll also be responsible for chiming in on customer questions and helping to build and maintain the support materials for our customers. Ideally, you will have previous customer support experience and, particularly, experience working in software support is a big plus. Additionally, you will preferably have great Excel skills and/or experience working with large sets of data. We are looking for someone who loves to help others, who can keep smiling even when dealing with highly engaged customers (empathy is important), and who has a passion for our products and company. You should enjoy the process of making an anxious customer a happy customer. While everyone in the company wears multiple hats and pitches in where needed, here are some examples of the work you would have been doing if you had been here over the last few weeks: Responded to service inquiries, requests, and questions with the confidence that you are really making a difference; Provided direct assistance to our Implementation Team to help new CampusOptics customers complete key system implementation milestones as a prerequisite to going live; Managed multiple tasks at one time that helped keep staff and students safe in a higher education settings; Built strong working relationships with our customers who can't imagine life before using the tools you’ve helped provide them; Trained customers on an aspect of our application and ensured they feel confident in performing the same task in the future (because they always know you're there to help); and Helped perform quality assurance testing on exciting new features of our application before they are released to our customers.

Want to learn more?

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